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The Product

Our Dinamic Paint such as Solid, Metallic, Pearls and Xyralic Colors.
We also provide a wide range of products, from putty to clear coats in order to create cost efficiency and customer satisfaction in good quality standard.


Stansdoken basecoat provides excellent coverage, and spray ability when used to duplicate OEM solid, metallic and pearl & xyralic color effects.

Clear Coat

Stansdoken Clearcoat, Suitable for all types of repairs and in most application conditions. Give excellent wet appearance and high gloss

Primers & Surfacers

Stansdoken Primers & Surfacers is the one component plastic adhesion primer that is suitable for all common plastic car parts.


Special additive to be used with Clearcoat.


A two-component, fibre-reinforced putty for application as a filler on polyester car parts or in situations where high filling capacity is required.

Thinner & Additivies

Stansdoken Multi Purpose PU.


One Day Services

Succeed at every phase of your network and lifecycle with services from Stansdoken and our team.

Technical Sales Team

Experienced and has a very good ability, to be able to solve the problem and can encourage efficiency in materials and costs.

A Tinter

Color mixer who is experienced and experts in their field.

Delivering System

Open a local warehouse for supply the product quickly and priority for delivery.

Hotline Services

Provide our priority services for our priority customers in any service request.


Succeed at every phase of your network and lifecycle with our support's equipments.

Tinting Scales

To measure the weight basecoat or formulas that they have to mixing one with other to get the perfect formula.

Spray Gun

An apparatus resembling a gun for applying a paint in the form of a spray .


Use of oven temperature profiling as a technique to help maximize the quality of paint and material.

Mixing Room

The room where the tinter mixing the color.

Mixing Machine - Tinting Color Mixer Machine

A machine for mixing and compounding which cylinder used in mixing the materials for gun powder.

Workshop Assessments

Succeed at every phase of your network and lifecycle with in strategy of plan execute deal effectively and gain insight.

Business Management Training

Concerned more with how a business competes successfully in a particular market.

Planning & PCE Project

Process Centered Environments (PCE) Project. Cost Efficiency and effectiveness performance of the whole department.

Professional Training Laboratory & Training Center

Training classes for the provision of the employee. Specialized Tinter and skilled Spray-man .

  • In House Training
  • External Training


Succeed at every phase of your network and lifecycle with our extra supports.


Support for our customers to advertised their automotive body repair workshop.


Support for our customers employee who worked for automotive body repair workshop.


Support for our customers workshop accessories "use to call stoll".