The Company Motto

Our achievement to success is driven by our philosophy that Stansdoken and our customers are one team which prioritizes quality and success together.


Thrive different, toward a sustainable and remains on the top.


To Be respected as an ethical and sustainable company and acknowledged as the leading provider of innovative paint and color technology.


PT. Stansdoken Indonesia established in Indonesia since 2004. With the support of a high – technology paint factory and constantly being open minded towards the continuous development of paint technology. Stansdoken are able to create a high quality products and overcome the various challenges of automotive industry.

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What our customers say

Customer satisfaction and trust become pride in our excellent achievement, at Stansdoken.

"We have been using Standoken for more than 10 years now, since 2004. We have no complaints. Supply is always available. The deliveries is also always reliable. So our people can work without any hiccups and problems. That's why we stick with Stansdoken until now. If there was a minor glich, how they handle the situation was quite well. We just give them a call, and they come running. And from the start I asked them to provide me with a tinter here in the shop. So it eliminates a lot of problems from the start."

BENGKEL JAYABARU SERVICE, Since 2004 by Yohanes Salim/Akong

"From the start, Stansdoken is always be a good product, The quality is good. Even if we're not working in a closed space the result is still good. The other advantages are the paint is glossy, and it covered up sprayed areas fast. The varnish too. In all, Stansdoken products make my job easier."

Spray Mechanic, BENGKEL USAHA BERSAMA by Asturi

"There are a few things as to why I am still using Stansdoken. The first one is the product itself. They can Guarantee the quality of product is above average. The second one is support. They're not just selling materials, but they're also selling a system. "


"One of Stansdoken advantage is that we work with it in open space. Other competitors need a closed space because it took a while for them to dry product, Stansdoken dries a lot faster, so we can use it, as a standard for workshop like ours. The other thing about it is the gloss. The gloss is quite remarkable, almost as good as gloss from a lot more expensive brands. And lastly, the service from Stansdoken is quite amazing, so we didn't run ito any trouble when using their products. For example, if our mixing guy cannot make it to work, we can ask them to send one here."

BENGKEL USAHA BERSAMA, Since 2008 by H. Abu Hasan

Stansdoken Indonesia

Our business running for some customers who have reputable automotive insurance company, Autorized dealer, and the workshop who have been established more than 10 years.



PT. Stansdoken Indonesia
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Jakarta Selatan

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